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Pureza is the favorite brand by the Argentines and market leader, for having revolutionized the category of both the product and its packaging. Purity is the only Ultrarefinada Flour and pioneer in fortification: fortified in iron, minerals, vitamins and folic acid from its inception, to national legislation. Innovative, offering premixes and whole flours. Purity is the First and Only Flour with Natural Yeast incorporated: its wide portfolio, offers Flours and Premixes with Natural Yeast incorporated to ensure a goal in pizzas and homemade crystals. Learn more in www.pureza.com.ar.


Discover our new wholemeal flour family and more at www.pureza.com.ar!


100% Whole Wheat Pureza Flour

Whole Wheat Pureza Flour

000 Ultra-Refined Pureza Flour

0000 Ultra-Refined Pureza Flour

Ultra-Refined Self-Rising Pureza Flour

Special Pureza Flour with Yeast for Homemade Pizza

Special Pureza Flour with Yeast for Homemade Bread

Pureza Pre-Mix for Gourmet Pizza

Pureza Pre-Mix for Gourmet Whole Wheat Pizza


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