When designing and preparing food we are strongly committed to safety, strictly performing current regulations and producing products with better nutritional value that meet the general needs of the population. 


Our Commitment to Nutrition

  • We were the first company to fortify flour with calcium, iron, vitamin B and folic acid (before this practice became mandatory for our competitors by law).
  • We replaced trans and saturated fat with high oleic sunflower oil, rich in omega 9, with zero trans fat and cholesterol, in Paseo and 9 de Oro cookies. 
  • We reduced sodium in bread products and cookies.  We joined governmental programs such as “-SALT, +LIFE."
  • We added prebiotic soluble fiber to whole wheat flour.
  • We made 9 de Oro light cookies, reduced in calories, without cholesterol or trans fats.
  • We launched frozen pre-baked bread with high fiber and no added fat.
  • We produce Mamá Cocina Bread Crumbs and Breading Mixtures, rich in fiber, with wheat germ, oatmeal and calcium.
  • We fortified Noodles with vitamins and minerals.
  • We were the first to remove potassium bromate additives from our formulae.
  • We launched a line of products with no added sugar.


Through time we have made innovative advances in our commitment to nutrition that later forced our competitors to improve their products.

As part of our commitment to Nutrition, we keep up with scientific advances that establish new trends and healthier alternatives. We keep in close touch with governmental agencies that supervise these aspects, as well as with colleagues and industrial associations.  Last but not least, we are permanently listening to our customers so as to understand their dietary requirements.