Quality and Innovation are considered strategic pillars for the comprehensive development of all our activities.  In fact, we work hard to reach excellence through a Management System designed by our CEO that allows achieving, with passion, ideal goals based on a sharp perception of what our customers need.


Commitment to Quality and Innovation

We consolidated a sustainable management model based on the permanent improvement of processes, context analysis, and search of new opportunities, establishing ideal goals, being attentive to the needs of our customers and interested parties, and efficiently meeting these needs, always based on sharing and learning.

This Management System allowed us making innovative improvements to the products and the production of fortified flour –practice that was later required by law to the industry-, developing a revolutionary spout in oil bottles that allows dosing and consequently using less product, and preventing unwanted spilling, industrial mixes that facilitate the baker’s work, breading mixtures and fortified pasta, flours and mixes with added natural yeast, among others.  

Therefore, our decisions are aimed at quality and innovation, making things happen, generating shared economic value, preventing risks, and taking responsibility for damages we may cause to society, safety, occupational health and the environment. These efforts are evidenced in the performance of the highest quality standards and the achievement of new and more demanding international quality, food safety, occupational safety and health, and environment protection certificates at our production facilities.

This way of working turned a Flour Mill into a Group of Leading Companies in the segment where they operate.

Molino Cañuelas is focused on taking care today of tomorrow’s world, trusting our team of competent employees who work hard every day to offer healthy and nutritive food products that are easy to prepare for the benefit of our families.