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Paseo is the brand that proposes crackers for all times, light and & nbsp; healthy. Its smaller size -mini- and its presentation in bag make & nbsp; de Paseo the ideal option to eat on the go and share; differentiating from & nbsp; the current largest offer and orderly packaging. The entire Paseo line is 0% in Trans Fats.


PARA TODO MOMENTO Crackers gostosas sem gorduras trans nem colesterol!


Paseo Mini Crackers sabor Zapallo

Paseo Mini Crackers sabor Espinaca


Paseo Salt-Free Crackers

Paseo 5 Seed Crackers

Paseo Sesame Crackers

Paseo Bran Crackers

Paseo Cereal Mix Crackers

Paseo Sea Biscuits

Paseo Flat Bread Sticks

Paseo Mini Bread Sticks

Paseo Mini Bran Bread Sticks


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